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Aerial Photography

We are available to carry our aerial photography over all of Ireland, Southern Scotland and Northern England. Please phone or e-mail with a brief description of your requirements and we will come back quickly with a proposition and an indication of price.

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Aerial Library

We hold a comprehensive library of aerial images dating back to 1975 and are always very glad to discuss these with prospective clients.

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General Photo Library

Our library of scenic images of Ireland – landscape, seascapes and townscapes, festivals, customs, modern and traditional farming etc. is hugely encompassing and we are always glad to search it for suitable images for calendars or brochures.

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Motor Sport Library

As a hobby, Esler’s interest in motor-sport – particularly rallying, goes back to the mid- 50s and we are always delighted to delve through it for like-minded enthusiasts for personal purposes or magazine articles.

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